Prince Guitar Valuation

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Prince Guitar Valuation

Do you have a Prince guitar that you want to sell? Would you like a Prince guitar valuation?  We are always looking to buy artist owned and used guitars.  If you have one of Princes personally used guitars then get in touch with Pop Icons.  Send us some photo’s and details about the guitar and if we are interested in buying it we will make you an offer.

We pay top prices for high quality pieces.  No messing around, if we like the piece then we are happy to negotiate a price you and I are happy with.

Do you have a guitar Prince used on stage, in the studio or in a music video?  Do you have a guitar that Prince used to write or record a specific song or album? They are the type of guitars we are looking for.  Does your guitar come with some proof that Prince used or owned the guitar?  Maybe is comes with a letter from Prince himself or someone closely associated with Prince?  The better the provenance the better price we will pay. If your not sure, send us all the information you have, photos of the guitar, of the paperwork and we will let you know what we think.

Prince Guitar Valuation

Prince Guitar Valuation

Don’t risk putting the item into auction, you could be waiting 6 months until the next entertainment auction, you risk the item not selling or selling for a low price plus you may have to wait months to receive payment.  The whole process could take 6 to 9 months.  Instead, sell you guitar today!

Limit your risk, get paid very quickly and keep it simple.

Get your Prince guitar valuation today.

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