Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

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Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

As a collector and dealer of rare music memorabilia and I never fail to get excited at the thought of getting my hands on an artist owned and used guitar from one of my favourite artists.  There is something very special about owning a guitar from an artist you admire, it kinda feels like you have a piece of the music, something tangible that you can hold in your hand.  These guitars appear on the market from time to time, though they don’t stay around for long.  Some artists donate guitars to charity auctions while others just trade them in and they end up in a guitarists hands who may never know that the guitar was once used by an iconic artist.  Noel Gallagher has parted with some of his guitars over the years through various guitar shops in the UK.  Some lucky fans got their hands on some very special guitars.  On that note, let’s have a look at some Noel Gallagher owned used guitars. Enjoy.

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  1. Rickenbacker 330 Noel Gallagher owned and used

    Noel Gallagher Rickenbacker owned used guitar

    “A less know fact is that Noel occasionally used Rickenbackers, most notably his 330 Mapleglo with various sticker on it, which he recorded with on “Go Let It Out” and “Who Feels Love” (Standing on the Shoulder of Giants – 2000), and played during the Wembley concert in 2000 (Familiar to Millions DVD)” (Source:
  2. 1960 Gibson Les Paul Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

    Johnny Marr loaned this guitar to Noel back in the early 90’s and Noel went on to use it to record ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Live Forever’.  Though while playing a gig in Newcastle a fan jumped on stage and Noel used the guitar to defend himself, breaking the guitar neck in the process.  Never a dull moment in the life of Noel Gallagher. (Source:

  3. Gibson ES-345 Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

    Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

    “In this photo, Noel Gallagher can be seen playing his Gibson ES-345 electric guitar, in a red finish. It appears to have a VariTone switch as well. He spoke about this guitar in an interview:

    Interviewer: “So the 355 is the basis of your sound right now? You have been playing a Gibson 345 on tour…”

    Noel: “Yeah, the guitars I bring on tour are either 355s or 345s. Those are what I play.”

    The tour he’s speaking of in this context is for the first album of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

    Gibson ES-345 is not seen as much as his infamous ES-355, but he did play it, as said in interview, for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ gigs. He played it for “Do The Damage” and a few other songs in this gig, done for Absolute Radio in Rivoli Ballroom, in 27th of March, 2015.” (Source:

  4. Epiphone Sheraton Union Jack Noel Gallagher owned and used guitar

    agher Union Jack guitar owned and used

    After Noel fell in love with his cherry Epiphone Riviera, he decided to take a similar model – Epiphone Sheraton – and make it his own. He had it repainted with the “Union Jack,” the U.K’s national flag, and it easily became on of his most recognizable guitar. As of specs, the Sheraton had a frequensator tailpiece and two mini-humbuckers.
    He played this guitar mostly live during the 1996 tour.Epiphone made a custom line of guitar based on this Sheraton. They named it Supernova and it has regular humbucker pickups and a stop-style tailpiece. The guitar was produced for a number of years, but has since been discontinued. (Source:
  5. Firebird Noel Gallagher owned used guitar

    Noel Gallagher can be seen using this Gibson Firebird guitar on various occasions including in the ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ music video and can be seen using it in a promo picture for the ‘Some Might Say’ single release.  When Oasis performed ‘Rock n Roll’ star on Top of the Pops Noel can be seen using this guitar and it was also used by Noel in the video for ‘Live Forever’.   This is a particularly nice guitar as it was used by Noel in the early days with Oasis, which makes it particularly desirable.  Plus, it’s a pretty cool looking Noel Gallagher owned used guitar to boot.

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