Bob Dylan’s lingerie stash discovered in Texas

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Bob Dylan’s lingerie stash discovered in Texas

Bob Dylan Fender CollectionOk, so Bob Dylan and lingerie aren’t words that you would usually find in the same sentence though when I acquired a collection of Bob Dylan’s instruments in Texas, to my
surprise it included a bag of bras and panties. That had been thrown on stage by adoring female fans. At first I thought I’d just ditch the bag of lingerie but on second
thought I felt they add a bit of humour to a serious collection so I decided to keep them with the collection.

They are now in the new Grammy Museum in Mississippi which had its opening in March 2016. The first exhibition to be showcased there will be Ladies & Gentlemen……..The Beatles, celebrating 50 years since the Beatles first visited America. The museum curator did not blink an eye when I told them I would be supplying them not only with a guitar used by Bob Dylan but also with a bag of lingerie. I suppose they get all kinds of weird and wonderful artefacts given to them from time to time, which can add value and higher interest to an item.

Provenance is king when it comes to high-end music memorabilia and it also helps if you have exciting story to go with your piece of history. The provenance might state that an item was owned or used by a particular artist however the added value comes in the form of history i.e. where was it used, was it used at a significant concert or is there an interesting story that brings the piece to life? Hence, me holding on to the bag of lingerie which immediately conjure up an image of Dylan playing on stage while some wild female fans (I’m presuming they where female : )) decide in the heat of the moment to show their adulation by flinging their underwear on stage. Not something that I ever got the urge to do at a concert but hey different strokes for different folks.

Getting back to the memorabilia, I picked up the Dylan collection a few years ago from a collector in Texas and it was a wonderful find as it included lot’s of interesting pieces – Dylan’s custom made Fender electric guitar for one, his stage used harmonica, his guitar strap, his vintage fender amp, oh and the aforementioned underwear! Dylan guitars are hard to come by these days, his guitar tech Diaz sold many of Dylan’s instruments during the 90’s and that was the only really significant supply of Dylan guitars that ever came to the market. So if you get you hands on a “Dylan guitar” count yourself very lucky.

The collection is now with the new Grammy Museum in Mississippi, so next time your in town pop in and check it out the exhibition.